17 March 2011

Ballet Feet & Runners Legs

Hip flexor is still sore today and though the weather is optimal I'm taking Friday's rest day today and moving my 4 miles to tomorrow.  Let's hope the sun is still shining then!! That's the thing with spring weather - you don't know if it will be the same tomorrow.  :( 

Today is actually quite windy so while I did enjoy walking around the 'hood and getting errands/groceries done, I'm opting not to push the hip into gusts of wind.  

I found a new little fun widget to help track my mileage and actually made a few new online blogging friends which is nice! Always good for the online running support!! I tried to put in my workouts for the month - I didn't want to go back through to the first of the year cuz I'm a bit lazy... 

Since I haven't really posted a picture lately I decided to show off my ballet feet along with my newly crocheted ankle warmers! I'm not sure if I love ballet class more for the dance or for the clothes....as with most sports I believe you are only as good as your outfit - which is also why I run in a skirt! 

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