15 March 2011

Dance Dance Revolution!

Tuesday night = Dance class! So whilst in full training mode for my upcoming 1/2 marathon, my cross training day includes ballet class with a zumba class beforehand to at least work up some sweat, some cardio and of course some laughs. 

Ok so I'm beginning to think that there may be a reason why my parents didn't encourage me to take dance. I mean softball was great fun and I was by no means graceful running the bases or sliding into home, however it was obvious that perhaps team sports was more for me than ballet or jazz.... 

For instance, our zumba instructor extraordinaire D is so much fun and so encouraging that it actually makes you think that as you are wriggling around trying to look sexy doing the samba, that your moves are good! As well, I usually try to push myself so when there is an option to hold weights through the class to give that little extra to the workout, I of course take that option.  Fast forward to our combo move tonight where I manage to smack myself in the jaw with a weight...no joke - you can't make shit like that up! OMG! 

Then on to ballet where now the moves slow down and concentration sets in and I realize that not only am I not good with instruction but really I have an issue with moves that require me to move my arms and my legs together, in opposite directions! Luckily J our instructor has worked with children so us 30 & 40 year olds laughing at ourselves doesn't bother her. 

I think it's important to allow ourselves the opportunity to challenge ourselves and push our limits while at the same time laughing at ourselves and not taking life too seriously.  

So in the essence of being positive each day and finding joy in everyday things I realize that 2 hours of completely uncoordinated dance, surrounded by wonderful, encouraging ladies and the followed up by cheese and fresh strawberries makes for a pretty great day!  And it gives me things to think about in the miles I have to log tomorrow!! 

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