16 March 2011

Dead Legs

Today was crazy busy... the day flew by with customer after customer which was great sales wise but I really got nothing on my to-do list actually done.  Walking outside at 5pm it was like spring had come to say hello and grace us with warm air, sunshine and a light breeze.  As soon as I got home, I threw on my running stuff and headed out with all the best of intentions.... a mile in my legs felt as heavy as cement.  

I HATE that - I hate being all geared up and to run in perfect conditions and your body just feels spent.  I also couldn't get my iPhone to stop repeating songs so that was frustrating as I needed the extra jolt of tunes to keep me moving. It was only a 2 mile day on my training schedule but it was SO nice that I felt like I needed to go further.  I pushed to 3 miles and that was it - I called it a day.  It's only wednesday and I've already logged 13 miles (plus my dance dance marathon last night!) so I concede.  

It's time to start breaking in some new kicks I think as well for race day as we are less than 7 weeks out.  I can tell it's time when my funky ankle starts and hip flexors start to act up.  

Now after my sister cooking me a great dinner of stir fried tofu with an insane amount of veggies and hot sauce, I'm going to shower, stretch and tuck in with Ruby and either my crochet project (new ballet socks) or my book.... 

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