08 March 2011

Fat Tuesday

So, today being shrove Tuesday, fat Tuesday, Paczki day blah blah blah I was of course excited at the possibility to whip up my favourite Carrot Cake Pancakes - accompanied by a nice side of turkey bacon and fruit salad.  

The recipe is simple - use whatever recipe or mix you usually use to make your pancakes and add in 4 grated carrots, chopped toasted walnuts, a few go-arounds of cinnamon and voila! Carrot Cake Pancakes! 

Feel free to top with butter and maple syrup or cream cheese as a few did tonight and then syrup... I always like to pair a nice aged cheddar with mine (shout out to my cousin/godmother who taught me that years ago!).  

I did take a nice shot of the girls enjoying them - my little dinner part of five - but they all asked me not to post pics of them shoveling pancakes in! It did make for a slightly heavier belly at ballet class later this evening but well worth it. Now tomorrow begins Lent so I am off to enjoy some junk food since I'll be giving it up for the next 40 days... 

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  1. Yum! Carrot Pancakes sounds like a real treat. I GOT to try that next time I flip some pancakes. :) Thanx for sharing. Sure enjoy your blog!