23 March 2011

Have passport - will travel!

Ten days ago, I went in with my beat-up, weathered passport for renewal.  It took me a few takes with the photographer because it's very hard for me not to smile!! They told me it would take 10 days or so (which it did exactly) for my new passport to arrive and at that point anxiety set in.  I didn't have to really go anywhere special, however just the thought that I couldn't get up and go to wherever I wanted, made me feel stuck.  You don't usually have to ask me twice if you are looking for a travel partner as I'm up for anything!  

I love to sit and look through the atlas and plan all the places in the world that I would love to go one day.   I do tend to choose destinations based on the name of the city and hope to venture to places such as Kennebunkport, Maine for that reason alone! Or, just like in one of my favourite Canadian films One Week, traveling across the country taking photos with the "-est" things such as the largest teepee or oldest windmill.  The world seems so small and life is so short - why not see as much of it as you can? 

I have an old fishing hat that belonged to my grandfather (that he wore in the garden, not fishing! come on we're italian!)  It is covered in pins from everywhere I've ever visited as well as pins I've traded through my youth playing travel softball representing people I've met from all over North America.  It's pretty heavy now and there is no way you could ever actually wear it on your head but it's one of my most treasured things.  I may have said it before - I'm blessed with a truly amazing family.   My grandparents were so important to me and I would give anything for one more dinner with them or one more cup of coffee.  They came to Canada with nothing and are such an inspiration to me to live the dream and experience the world.  

I'm sad in a way to put my old passport to rest - that was five great years and there are many, many stamps in old faithful... however I guess it's just another thing I have to say good-bye to right now and appreciate those times for what they were.   It is hard to say good bye - whether it be leaving somewhere, someone or something.  I think they only way to make it a bit easier is to look ahead and welcome the next adventure.  

So, now to plan where the first stamp should come from. Life, It's Worth the Trip! 

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