25 March 2011

I like to win!

Here's another fun fact about me - I like to win! I'm very competitive.  I get over it really quick if I don't but if you challenge me or dare me, I just have to do it and I'll bust my arse in trying to be the best.

I also really, really, really like to win draws and giveaways! So as I read through like a million fun blogs each day there are lots who have fun giveaways - like on tallmomontherun.blogspot.com where you I could win a pair of Bad A** running socks!!

So I figure why not share the fun - I'm going to set up a little widget in my sidebar to share any good giveaways that I find - however if they are really good, I'll probably just keep them to myself.  FYI

Like I said, I really like to win.

PS - If you want to enter for the socks visit Tall Mom's blog.

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