14 March 2011


Today I ran 6 miles - the first few weren't good - I had to stop to stretch it felt like every few 100m - had a knot in my  left calf and I thought I was never going to get my stride.  Eventually I did loosen up and enjoyed myself with the crisp air and the sun shining down and I probably could have pushed another mile or so.  

I was thinking alot during my run today - about others whose battles are far longer than the miles I'm logging.  I always try to dig for some sort of inspiration when I'm finding it hard to get going and champions like little Emma always get me to push a little harder and dig a little deeper. 

Well, later today my cousin A published this video which not only made me cry my eyes out (sorry a little emotional these days!) but made me grateful again for the strength I have within me.  It may not ever be enough to come in first but it's enough to get me out there.   The love this dad shows for his son and the triumph on both their faces when they finish the Ironman was truly inspirational. 

So tomorrow if you are looking for a reason to be inspired or searching for the energy to lace up, watch this and be grateful.  Wishing everyone strength and tenacity in all your challenges.  Push yourself one step further and be thankful for all the steps you've taken.  

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  1. Wow, I just watched that video. Crying so hard!! What motivation though!!! Thank you so much for sharing it!!