27 March 2011

Today's Post brought to you by the letter "S"

That's today!! Weather was just under zero but was beautiful. 

SEVEN mile goal - Eight mile run!! Yep you got it 8.09 miles and a sub 12min/mile makes me happy ok freaking ecstatic!! 

SWEET SHOES - I had my doubts in my first outdoor run with them but love having lighter summer runners and of course New Balance has never done me wrong! 

STRETCHING - Always feels great to stretch out the muscles.  Nikki kicked my butt with shoulders and core this week and I can totally now feel it in my runs.  I notice myself pulling more with my arms to increase my cadence and holding my abs in tight as I go! And as I stretched on the porch after my run, one of the neighbourhood cats joined me!!

SMILES - Love the camaraderie of running as every other runner you pass usually offers smiles and today some nice lady walking her dog gave me a little boost of encouragment which then made me smile more! 

SONGS & SINGING out loud! - A few new selections to my playlist including Loser like Me by the cast of Glee! LOL I am a total gleek but at least I know it, have made peace with it and hope that no one ever asks to hear my running tunes! 

SUCCESS - seriously a sub 12min/mile... makes me hopeful that I will reach my 2:30 goal in the 1/2 marathon.  

As I am writing this, I am enjoying a piece of left over pizza that I made last night and accidentally dropped it facedown on my keyboard so I know have Franks Red Hot SAUCE dripped in behind a few keys! 

So off to SHOWER and enjoy some more sunshine and perhaps avoid the work I should be doing.... there is always tomorrow!! 

Here is to the START of a great week!!


  1. Way to go!!! I love hitting new times when running. Also agree- the sunshine does wonders!!!

    Must get the new Glee songs. I have a bunch on my playlist. My favorite cool down song is "Sweet Caroline".

  2. I forgot three other "s" - Snot, Sleeve & Scarf!! My nose in non-stop in the cool air!!