24 March 2011

Two words - Motor Burger!

Original Motor Burger w/ bacon on a gluten-free bun
I broke out of my running slump this afternoon - I took my new kicks out for some time with pavement.  The first mile or mile & 1/2 was horrible! Literally I contemplated turning around and going home which isn't something I do often.  

Pushing through it and finding my go-to song on my iPod helped make me keep going! And then, all of a sudden, I felt so strong! Stella got her groove back!! 

One of my favourite things about running is smiling and waving at other runners along the way.  That quick nod, which shows "yep I know you feel like crap right now, your lungs are burning your legs feel like lead"...oh wait that's just me! Or it signals "you're looking great - keep up the good work and kick, kick, kick!" 

When I got home, i checked my GPS to see my workout details and saw a 8.57 min/mile - something has to be wrong!! Either that or my new shoes have some sort of magical powers because I haven't run a sub-9min mile since probably grade 10!  Looking at the course it shows me running includes a quick dash across the Detroit river and back across so I must have jumped to another tower when I was running along the riverfront! Well it felt good for a few minutes! Now I have to go and actually map it out manually to see what the true workout was! 

It was at least 5 miles so I didn't feel too guilty when I met the girls for dinner and enjoyed the Original Motor Burger with bacon (I only ate half), a pickle and taste of slaw.  We admired Kelly's tan, Leslie's purse, discussed Fran's entry to the NYC marathon and prepped for our Kalamazoo adventure in May. 

Today was a good day.  xo 

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