22 April 2011

40 days & 40 nights

As of this morning, lent is officially over as we celebrate Easter weekend and are thankful of God's ultimate sacrifice - his son who died for our sins.  In Christian religions, Good Friday is one of two most important holidays - the other being Christmas and the birth of Christ.  
my treat for the day!
Now my attendance record in church isn't that great - sometimes I feel like I get a good message out of it and sometimes I'm just there making to-do lists in my head.  I prefer to send my prayers up privately and use other moments such as Sunday long runs to be thankful for all God's miracles and connect to him on my own.  

I went to Catholic school my whole life - complete with a (usually too short) kilt with knee socks and lenten sacrifices for some reason have always stood out to me.  It's like a daily reminder of giving something material up out of respect for the big guy.   I have given up some pretty good ones although many make people not like me or lent very much.  One year I gave up prime time TV and missed both the Oscars & Superbowl.  Another year was coffee and tea (tea only because I felt like I would compensate for the lack of coffee), another year I gave up the elevator and had to take the stairs to everything above ground level including my 5th floor office, and probably the least liked year was the time I gave up shopping! I was allowed to buy essential items like groceries and toilet paper etc but nothing fun like clothes, accessories or shoes and had to ignore all good deals.  I did try to find a loop hole and asked my boss repeatedly if options such as buying online or putting it on a credit card and not paying until after lent would still be considered shopping!! I think those 40 days were hardest on those around me!! 

So this year was junk food - with the exception of corn chips & fresh salsa as I felt that wasn't too junky.  I did break down and have half a scoop of coconut ice cream in mexico and a handful of m&m's on a bad day! I saw these gf fig newtons a few weeks ago at whole foods and have patiently been waiting to buy a pack as fig newtons have to be one of my favorite cookies and one of my favourite things to carry on long runs for extra energy.  They were delicious and well worth the wait. 

So now it's time to get ready for Good Friday fish dinner of Halibut, Fresh Mango Salsa, Roasted Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato and Red Potato, Salad and Almond Cake for dessert.  Have a happy holiday weekend everyone!

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