03 April 2011

Good days, bad days....

..... and then there are the days where you go bikini shopping.

Gran Caribe Real Cancun
In one week from today, thanks to my very generous mother, my sister and I will be leaving for this beautiful resort.  Four nights & five days of sunshine, warm air and relaxing! I can't think of anything else that would be better to help me clear my mind right now.  Laying in the sun, reading books, eating delicious food, afternoon workouts cheesy nightly hotel entertainment and 24hr all-inclusive room service.... 

So since this is a last minute booking (and since I'm still without most of my summer wardrobe) I'm in a pinch to find a bathing suit.  So being pms & bloated and after eating a nice big lunch @ whole foods, along with downing a litre of water, it seemed like the perfect time to try on bathing suits.  Or have a temper tantrum in the dressing room & threaten to slit my wrists to the gentleman (yes a man) inside the room, giving his opinion to his wife trying on clothes.   Seriously.  

Now not only did I go in with one handful, a glutton for punishment, I went BACK to the bikini section for round two.  Then after careful consideration I decided that the dressing rooms were actually the reason I looked so awful and that I looked way cuter fully clothed and perhaps I should spend the rest of the day that way.  

So here is my opinion, I think that there should be special change rooms allotted for those trying on jeans, swimsuits or bras as shopping for those three items are just about enough to drive a woman over the edge to insanity.  In these special dressing rooms should be a pleasant and neutral wall colour; warm, soft lighting; a skinny mirror perhaps etched with the words "you look beautiful" on it; and even a nice comfy settee and a box of tissues for those who still manage to break down.  

ke$ha & her bikini
I honestly don't really care about those imperfections I see in the changing room once I am actually there on the beach.  And truth be told, I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin with all it's curves and my booty.   I am very grateful just to be sitting my butt in the sun with my sis.
And so, as we leave the change room area and head in to the store my sister turns to me and simply says..."well at least we still look better than Ke$ha." Amen sister - that we do!


  1. 1st of all! GOOD FOR YOU! You deserve this break so well. Give your mom a hug from me!

    2nd. You'll look great on the beach! Dontcha worry!

    3rd. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. This post is so hilarious. I am in awe with you & your "positivness" :) ENJOY VAY-CAY (like they say here on we(s)t coast