20 April 2011

It's all about the outfit

I cannot ice skate.  I am 100% convinced that I could if I had the proper ice skating attire such as a sequined embroidered polyester outfit, nude hose and a lot of glitter make-up.  Trust me, each year during Winterlude while living in our nations great capital, Bob & Claudia would take us kids down to the canal (with the promise of Beavertails) and I'd attempt to skate.  Once I fell on a child.  No joke.  

So... as with most sports or activities and pretty much in general, I think your aptitude is usually related back to the outfit that you are sporting.  (One of my favourite parts of ballet class is coming up with a cute outfit each week)

The 1/2 marathon is but a few weeks away now and since the weather is 90degrees one day and then 32 the next I have begun contemplating what I will be wearing for this race. I run in a skirt - it makes it infinitely more fun in my opinion.  So now I'm just trying to decide which one and I'm sure I won't be able to decide until the weather report closer to the run... But then I start thinking hmm should I wear my compression socks - well only if I wear the skirt with shorts not capris - and then if I do should I layer a long-sleeve under my Leukemia Society Tee or should I wear arm bands... I'm sure over the next few weeks I'll post my options and you can help me choose.  

However while online today registering for a chocolate 10miler in August (yes ladies chocolate milk and truffles at the "water" stations!! and an I Run for Chocolate medal!!) I came across these tee shirts which are things I have either thought or said as a runner.  I was pretty much laughing out loud to myself at one point!! 

Although of them all I think this one below is my favourite seeing as I always tend to ask how something makes my booty look like!

The last dilemma for me is eye wear - it's always been the bane of my running wardrobe as I need to have prescription lenses.   And although I know I look insane wearing my big giant Burberry sunglasses, athletic ones just look so horrible on me and only some can actually take a prescription.  So I went to see my optometrist who luckily I've know since elementary school and who convinced me to try contacts.  

Now I'm sure when he suggested contacts and I retorted with "I don't know, I'm not good with things near my eyes", he didn't realize the full depth of that statement.  What should have probably taken 15 min took close to an hour, we were both sweating and I think I asked him like 10 times to assure me that there wasn't anyway for the contacts to roll up into my eye socket where I could never retrieve them.  I didn't even put them in myself - he put them in - I swatted his arm away at one point in a minor freak out and I'm pretty sure next time someone tells him "I'm not good with things near my eyes" that he may heed this warning with a little more caution.   He taught me how to take them out at home, told me to try them for the month and see how I liked them.   Removing them did take two tries and I was a bit nauseous at one point but I got them out.  And in great customer service he phoned the next day to make sure that I did manage to get them out and then told me he went home to have a drink after our appointment..... ha!

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