16 April 2011


The colour of the ocean was pretty surreal - especially contrasted against the whiteness of the sand.  This photo was captured from our little cabana on the beach and was certainly a beautiful and relaxing site to gaze at each day.  

We made sure to swim in the ocean pretty much every afternoon - jumping the waves and attempting to retain both our bathing suits and our sunglasses without being knocked over! Although the bandeau top was great for tanning....swimming in the ocean, not so much!  
As I mentioned before, as with most days and wherever I happen to be, much of my focus is usually around food because as much as I love to cook, I love to eat! Here is a little taste of the delicacies that Rawna and I enjoyed.  

Top left were the tostadas with shrimp ceviche that were amazing (and that we ate twice!), next going clockwise is my caprese salad with cilantro pesto, chicken enchiladas in mole sauce with fresh guacamole, and fresh grouper with sort of a puttanesca sauce involving olives and red peppers on a bed of rice.  Needless to say this isn't all we ate but they were my favourites and I truly did not want to bore you completely with my entire line up of food photographs! 

But I do have to share a story about our romantic dinner on our first evening there.... so being that we arrived around noon we did not have a chance to make reservations for that evening in either of the a la carte restaurants.  While waiting in line for another restaurant I dash over to Marias (Mexican fine dining) to see if they may have a spot open.  It's just after eight and he says that yes he has an opening at 9 if we wish to wait in the lobby bar, he'll come and find us if anything else opens up earlier.  

And so, not a few moments after we sat down does he come over to get us and say that they had a cancellation so they could seat us now....and then he led us into this glass enclosed wine cellar in the middle of the restaurant.  Here was this beautiful underlit table topped with candles, tulle, and rose petals... I jokingly ask "what did the bride & groom change their mind?" and the waiter says "yes, they decided to remain in their room for dinner" and then asks us to sit.  He closes the door and we turn to each other and crack up laughing! Seriously!?  It took a few tries to get him to leave the door open and to understand that we didn't need (or want) the romantic privacy.  We couldn't help but laugh at everyone's impressions as they walked by the room and looked in on us in wonderment!

So our days pretty much consisted of the following schedule:
- wake up 7am, grab coffee from the 24hr snack bar, drink it on patio so not to wake sleeping sis
- wake up sis - hit the gym for treadmill run & spin class
- breakfast - complete with custom omelets at the buffet
- shower, sunscreen and bikini
- sunbathe, read and people watch 
- lunch 
- sunbathe, read and people watch 
- 5pm-ish grab nachos and slushy drink from snack bar and watch 90's tv sitcoms like Dawson's Creek and Felicity! 
- shower #2, dinner
- people watching in hotel lobby bar including viewing some bad, tequila-induced karaoke!
- 10pm bedtime :) 

The hotel was very clean, the setting was pretty, beach was gorgeous, the gym was well equipped and the people were wonderful.  It was a great trip and although I could have stayed another week, I'm grateful for time that I did have to relax.  

Now that we are back home it's rainy and gloomy so I'm missing the beach for sure! I'm ready for summer and no more socks nor jackets however the weather is not co-operating with me!! I'm thinking ahead to a summer of weekend road trips and some more relaxing time up at Mary's cottage.  It was just enough to recharge and find the fuel to keep moving forward - it's amazing what a little sunshine will do for your soul.  xo mexico gracias por todo!

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