01 April 2011

Mr Sandman...where are you?

It's 12.24am. 
I cannot fall asleep as much I would like to. 
I worked all day, ate dinner and then worked all evening trying to wrap up the loose ends on my financials so I can finally hand them over to my accountant.  
I'm exhausted and would really like to sleep.
I didn't run today - maybe that's the problem..... 
I've tried all my tried and trues (ie: gone pee, made toast, made tomorrow's to-do list, made next week's to-do list, wrote two thank you cards, and had a little cry feeling sorry for myself) and NOTHING is working! 
I am a "head on pillow, out like a light" kinda girl so not sleeping drives me a bit bonkers and I usually end up in tears.  
My table inspiration....
So what else is a girl with an empty 2 bedroom apartment to do in the middle of the night but online shop?  I took a few moments to browse kijiji to see what sort of treasures I could find.   I did send in an offer for 4 dining chairs that will match the ones I just bought the other day.  And by match I mean they are both black laquer and uniquely shaped with seats I can reupholster - my idea of matching isn't like most! I think I may have convinced daddy-dearest to assist me with my attempt to build my own dining room table so these chairs would be great to have and I love a project or two!

It's quite amazing to me people's ideas of "mint" condition in their listings where it's pretty obvious the piece they are trying to hock is completely trashed.  And then there is the listing for an overstuffed armchair - in poor condition, with a big rip down the middle of the seat and stuffing exposed.  I know honesty is the best policy but I think it's probably time to retire that chair and not try to pawn it off on someone else for $10.  Just a thought here in the middle of the night...

On to some actual reputable stores... found two danish wood end tables that I'm thinking would make lovely bedside tables however they could also fit nicely in my stark living room!  I can't wait to have my "stuff" home with me - I really do love my apartment but I don't quite feel like it's home yet.  Currently the dining room is strewn with paperwork, files and catalogs for fall/winter buying (which is on this week's to-do list!).  I have great plans but would really like to settle in, hang photos, put out my books and start this new life which seems to be looming on the horizon not happening in the here and now.  

I am most certainly my parents (borderline hoarders) child.  I do treasure things and relish good finds and admit it's sometimes difficult to part with those items that are tied to certain memories.  But that said, after having moved close to a dozen times this past decade, I've pared down to really what matters most to me and I'm kinda missing that 'stuff' right now.  If this is it - "my new life" - then I'd like to get started.  There are times when it still feels like I'm going to wake up from this bad dream.  I think I need my 'stuff' back with me to solidify that this really is my new home and I'm already awake and new adventures lie ahead.  I know it's not the 'stuff' in  your life that's important - it's the people you share it with and lives you touch along the way.  But that said, we also need a place to call home and in that home, you need 'stuff'. 


  1. Good luck w. your projects! The orange chairs reminds me of you everyday, but unfortunately they are sort of falling apart... so either we have to fix them up, or they might have to retire... so, yeah, might not have been a too big loss for you that I "grabbed" your find!!

  2. oh my orange chairs!! you should take over my project of trying to find out how to get those white mod chairs from the old UFO restaurant out by Pekkas house .... they are awesome!