23 April 2011

A record setting kind of day...

Today I made the Guinness Book of World records - well my store did really but it sounds much cooler to say that I made it in there!! And it's all thanks to all the parents, grandparents and aunts who came out to change 25 little bums into a cloth diaper in honour of Earth Day! 

Check out some great photos from the event on some of our local media like WINDSORITE.CA and THEWINDSORSTAR.COM It was pretty much pure chaos all morning and the store was completely turned around and rearranged to try to make room for this change.  We were a part of a bigger initiative that took place in over 400 locations worldwide and everyone changed their little one into a cloth diaper at the exact same time called The Great Cloth Diaper Change. 

It was a ton of prep to get ready for it and I sound hilarious in all of my interviews with local media since I have full blown allergies and can barely breathe and lost my voice for a while last week!! But all in all it was a fun event, love being back in the store and now I'm completely exhausted and heading to bed! 

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