06 April 2011

stirfry or curry?

a blurry view of a chef's mess!
So tonight started out as a stir-fry with grilled tofu - in the end it was more like a curry dish... but delicious all the same! 

With a marinade of siracha hot sauce, agave nectar and olive oil, I coated the strip of tofu and heated up my new cast iron grill pan that I keep attempting to cook everything in! 

Then I started chopping veggies.... carrots, red peppers, onions, green onions, broccoli, zucchini etc and stir fried them up in a bit of grapeseed oil and fresh ginger.  

Once I put my tofu in the hot grill pan I quickly realized that they weren't getting nice little grill marks and crisping up... as a matter of fact they were kinda just sticking to the pan and then falling apart when I tried to pry them off.. 
stove action shot!
And so my nice tofu steaks now became pieces and got plopped in to the stir fry pan.  

Ok so as these veggies are stir-frying away, I am looking through the spice cupboard and realize I don't have much in the way of asian sauces currently so in goes some red curry paste and a can of light coconut milk (a new whole foods find!).  

Brown rice on the stovetop as well in my cute little orange le creuset pot.... 

final product

So in go a can of sliced water chestnuts, some frozen shelled edamame, and (as with most every dish I cook) chick peas, chopped cashews and then once plated over rice, a few sliced almonds.  

There was for sure no recipe on this one as it's like 4 cultures rolled in to one but it sure was yummy!  However since I did not attempt to modify this recipe I now have lunch for tomorrow and a giant container for the freezer! 

All this chopping and cooking sure did make me long for my giant kitchen back in Finland with ample counter space but I guess less counter = less room for mess! 

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