19 April 2011

sunshine on a rainy day.....

It's gloomy and rainy out today but I guess that's spring and as they say April showers bring May flowers and all that jazz.... 

However this morning I received this beautiful bouquet of my favourite flower which completely brightened my day.  

Yesterday I met my fundraising goal for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as I prepare to run in Emma's name in a few weeks time AND THEN I surpassed it!! I am so grateful for everyones support so thank you all! Miss Emma is going to be so excited of how much we raised to "smackdown" this disease! 

This little bundle of brightness comes from my "mom & dad" Bob & Claudia all the way in Ottawa, my little sis Vanessa, sis-in-law Laleah and of course little miss Emma.... I love you all so much and this totally made my day! Ok it made my whole week! 

Plus my other sis-in-law brought me in Starbucks this morning for a visit, I'm heading to 2-for-1 tapas for dinner and then ballet tonight.  Seems today is a pretty great day.  xo 

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  1. Congrats on doing so awesome w. the fundraise! Good luck w. the run now! Oh, how I wish I could drop by for a Kahvi too! Miss you a ton sis!