17 April 2011

Today's run brought to you by Bob Segar

I am without a doubt, my father's daughter.  He has instilled the love of Bob Segar in me since I was a little girl.  When he moved me up to University, when he moved me home to Windsor and every other road trip we've taken, Mr Bob Segar has accompanied us! Today's run I was most certainly channeling the song "Against the Wind." 

Today's scheduled run distance was 10 miles - I was hoping to feel great and do 11.  Heading out I did actually feel great which is odd because usually it takes a few miles for me to warm up.  It was slightly windy but I was heading in to it at an angle so it wasn't too bad.  And then I turned down towards the river at miles 6 and BAM - it nearly knocked me right over.  And I'm not a little waif girl!! 

I shortened my stride, gritted my teeth and pulled with my arms and propelled myself forward.  I'm not going to lie - I got some strange looks from drivers who had looks of amazement that I was running in to this wind.  I don't know if it shifted or what but there were literally moments where I was doing all I could to move forward and yet I don't think I was moving at all!! I was mainly concerned about blowing into the street since there are parts of The Drive that don't have a shoulder.  

At mile 8 it was now a mental workout as much as it was physical.  Digging deep I tried to channel Miss Emma and Steve and all those who have endured chemo and radiation and test after test who I'm sure at times felt like they were being pushed back by the wind.  I focused on objects along the way - making myself just get to that point and then finding a new focus a few hundred metres away.  I found those songs on my iPod that always give me a little more spring in my step and then at mile 9...it died.  So I had to guess at my time and then re-map my distance when I got home.  

Last mile in silence was just about focusing and turning back up towards home with the wind now on an angle again so at least I wasn't heading directly in to it.  But I made it - I got in the required 10miles.  I think I could have done the 11 for sure if it wasn't for the tornado-like conditions so that makes me feel good with the race 3 weeks away and after a week relaxing in the tropics! 

Thank goodness for the other runners out there for their waves of encouragement as they were running past me in the other direction with the wind at their backs! I apologize to anyone who may have heard the occasional curse word today as I think I may have shouted 'you've got to be f-ing kidding me' a few times.  And for those who gave me crazy looks I was just singing out loud to keep my mind on something else! 

Happy Sunday all! 

PS the countdown to the end of Lent is now on! Giving up sweets and junk food is always good for the waistline however I am planning on a Good Friday bake-off to celebrate Easter weekend! 

And for those of you in need of a little Bob Segar - Click here!

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