27 April 2011

wet t-shirt contest

I didn't feel like running at all today but the 1/2 marathon is only 10 days away so I can't be skipping runs at this point in the game! I had a really awful long run on Saturday so it's making me second guess my readiness for this - I want to just have a good run.  I want to do it for so many reasons - for Emma, for the LLSOC, and to get a new PR as something for me.  I'm nervous that I can't do it - that I haven't trained enough - that I haven't done enough hill work or tempo runs.  I just want to run a sub 2:30.  

As I sat at my dining room table gnawing on a hunk of cheese (yes a chunk of piave) I got a text from Ness of little Em trying to put on Mr Potato Head's glasses.  Even though she's mid-treatment and on tons of steroids, she had a mischievous smile on her face and her beautiful hair all grown in.... so I laced up my shoes and set out for a run. 

I took a new route because it was insane windy again today so I decided to start out running in to it so my way home it would be at my back.  It was sunny and bright when I left... in my white tank top.  About 3 miles in, I felt the rain.... 

So I turned around and headed back looking like a moron in sunglasses and a soaking wet white tank top (and white bra).  The prospect of running in a completely soaking wet top did give me a little spring in my step and made my pace quicker... The forecast for race day doesn't look good so perhaps I should plan on something less see-through and hope that it carries me quickly to the finish line! 

I came across this quote today and it kinda stuck with me: "You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt,  Sing like there's nobody listening,  And live like it's heaven on earth." 

What I'm taking for it is to live in the moment and live for yourself. Just be happy - sing and dance and run around for yourself and don't worry what others may think. Move forward and try not to let your past dictate your future and always take the leap to love again. Or run in the rain and try not to care that you're giving motorists a free show! All in all I have to just keep reminding myself that I'm running because I love it and no matter what I do, it's still a success. I'm trying to chalk that bad run up to the fact that I had been working in heels for 9 hours before my attempt to run 11 miles at 5pm and that fact that allergy season is in full swing so the whole inability to breathe through my nose has also thrown a wrench in my training! I don't want to have excuses - I just want a good run so hopefully I can log some good miles this week and one last long run this weekend... 

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