13 May 2011


ying and yang 
black and white
peanut butter & jelly
starsky & hutch

there is something to be said in life for striking a balance.  most couples complement each other with some sort of balance between the two.  parents often strike a good cop/bad cop role.  there is always one boisterous friend (me) which balances out the subdued, down to earth bff.  usually with most things in life there is a little give and take.  

i do strongly believe that you have to always find the balance.  it's easy to work too much or play too little - especially when you are in business for yourself.  there is a fine line between making time for yourself and doing bookkeeping until 11pm three nights in a row.  making time for people in your life, making time for yourself in your life all require finding that right balance.  sometimes we forget to put ourselves first - sometimes it's hard to say no because we don't want to disappoint others even though we know we want to.  most days it's just about finding the balance. 

this morning I worked out first thing with my trainer Nikki on the pilates reformer including 30 big-girl push-ups on the bosu ball (without doing a face plant which is a big thing for clumsy me!).  On my walk home I stopped in to a friends new restaurant to grab a coffee and found that she had made me gluten-free ginger cake.  balance.  

this evening my sister and I took my mom and aunt to the movies - theatre pop corn and a bag of dark chocolate, peanut m&m's poured in to it - salty and sweet in each bite.  Again, balance. 

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