18 May 2011

bursting with pride

there once was a girl who as a child liked to eat tree fungus, poison mushrooms, other's people's chewed gum stuck to the undersides of tables... 

she used to receive Christmas cards from Poison Control.... 

she could never understand why she couldn't have ice cream on our annual camping vacations and went from campsite to campsite to ask... 

when I lived in Ottawa, I did her hair and make up for high school dances, we begged for beaver tails when we skated the canal and we drank Vernors under the Christmas tree when I was homesick for Windsor.  

she grew in to a beautiful young woman with exceptional wit, a gigantic heart, and smart as a whip. today my 'little sister' graduates from medical school. 

When Iain died suddenly, she was in her second year and though her grief kept her up many nights, she pushed through and carried on.  When Emma got sick, she was right there with her for everything and advocated for her treatment.  

I tear up as I write this because I can only hope she knows how wonderful she is and what an amazing doctor she will be.   My heart is in Ottawa today- wishing I was there.
I love you Ness and I am so very proud of you.  xo

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