17 May 2011

Entrepreneur at heart...

So two years ago when we packed all belongings to head overseas, pretty much anything that plugged in got left here in Canada.  We had a big garage sale but anything big we cherished got sent to my sister's basement or given to friends.  There was no shortage of people who volunteered to look over my beloved KitchenAid mixer! My mother-in-law won out on that one since she bakes even more than I do - although she does follow the recipes! 

And as you know, I'm slowly but surely moving in and getting this apartment set up, painted, organized and decorated - I have big plans for the next few long weekends!! Last week I went out for dinner with my MIL and since it was the first time I've seen her since I've moved back, she graciously brought my little blue beauty back to me.  Counter space is seriously lacking in this apartment so I'm not sure where her permanent place will be but this weekend, when it was cold again and rainy, all I wanted to do was cook - and bake.  

So I fired up my mixer and turned out some delicious butternut squash cupcakes - I planned to ice them with a cream cheese/honey frosting however the cupcakes ended up sticking to the paper cups so I decided it wasn't worth the effort.  They are pretty yummy but it takes a lot more work to peel the paper off - disappointing.  After that I decided to make chocolate chip cookies...and chicken corn chowder (recipe posted a few months back).  Oh yeah and as everything cooked and simmered I managed to complete my taxes (finally!).  Honestly if I ever were to win the lottery or come in to some serious cash, owning my own bakery/coffee shop would be on the list.  Just a little place for people to meet and visit .... it would have a hole in the wall that opened to my other shop next door - a papery! 

Since living in Ottawa, my favourite store has been the shop "The Papery" which is jammed full of beautiful cards, stationary, napkins and gifts.  Come the holidays

it would also be full of beautiful Christmas decorations and wrapping paper.  Don't get my wrong, I love my store - what could be better than fashions and baby stuff but there are so many ideas in this little noggin of mine.  Since it's monday, it was Whole Foods & Target day!! I got all my cards for May & June birthdays - here is just a taste as I couldn't hold them all.  May & June are very busy birthday months around here!!! As well, I am trying to get all my thank you notes written this week for those who donated to the Leukemia Society in support of my run.  So I picked up another few packs of cards there too! There is just something so special about getting a card in the mail.  Knowing that someone was thinking of you and took the time to write a few words, lick an envelope and send a note your way.  It's just that little effort that can brighten someone's day that I love. There are times that I buy cards months in advance when I see one that I think someone would love!   I have an uncanny knack for remembering dates (birthdays, anniversarys etc) - that and a very organized day planner!! 

Just the other day I sent a birthday card and note of encouragement to a new friend out in Vancouver that I met last fall - it was not only her birthday but she is also attempting to quit smoking so I thought she could use the little boost.  She sent me a facebook message thanking me and it just felt good to know I brightened her day! Now, that said, I better finish writing up these thank yous and get them on their way!

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