06 May 2011

feet don't fail me now...

so what was supposed to be tapering was me petering out - it wasn't my best week but it over so I'm moving on! we leave in the morning for kalamazoo - expo in the afternoon, carb loading and perhaps a dip in the hotel pool/hot tub and then sunday is race day. 

i ordered myself a fun new running skirt since all of my summer running gear is somewhere between finland & canada but it didn't come in time so looks like I'll be just running in plain old tights unless I find something fun at the expo.  I'm thinking if it's cool out I may bust out my bad ass compression knee socks.... 

the only thing that sucks about going on the road for races is not being home for breakfast that morning.  And since I have food allergies I usually am used to packing my own nutrients to take with me on road trips.  So I have with me... baggies of whole nuts to snack on, instant oatmeal, chopped nuts and dates to go with said oatmeal, organic apples, almond butter packets, lara bars, protein bars, green tea w/ pomegranate, energy drink packets, coconut water for recovery, and of course my vitamins. 
Now on to clothing...who knows what the weather is going to be like so I've got shorts, tights, long sleeve, tank tops, knee socks, short socks, zip up... 

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to wear my belt pack yet - I trained with it so it would be nice to have my own water and snacks with me.... my skirt had pockets for treats so now I have to find somewhere to bring these with me... so I'll bring my pack, my arm band for my ipod in case I don't wear the pack, a hat, headband.... I have my contacts (lol let's see how that goes at 5am!) and my prescription sun glasses so I'll make that call the morning of. I hope to find running glasses to wear with my contacts at the expo.  The only thing I am missing is a sweat band for my wrist - I think it could be handy... not necessarily fashionable but hey sometimes we have to go for function...  Ok so the only thing left to do is to finish up my playlist and sync my itunes to my phone and I'm all set.  

Many of you know that I've dedicated this run to my girl Emma and raised just $1050 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society which is more than double my initial goal of $500.  I couldn't have done it without such wonderful friends and family and yes, when I return you can all expect a hand written thank you from yours truly.  

That said, there is another young man that I think of every time I run.  Unfortunately his battle to cancer (osteogenetic sarcoma) was lost in 1999.  He was the first friend I lost - the first funeral I had to attend of someone my own age.  We ran together though high school.  We met at a party when I admitted to him that I had the biggest crush on his younger brother.  He made me laugh like no other.  He was amazing and humble and so, so strong.  When he was diagnosed, everyone said "why you? why do you have to go through this" and his response was "why not me?".   He was a star runner and soccer player at university level until he got sick.  I remember visiting him at the hospital in Toronto after he was recovering from surgery and being there as he took his first steps after six weeks of being bedridden.  Those few steps in the hospital room as Mary and I cried and took photos for his mom and cheered him on.   Only a few months later he lost his leg and his cancer spread and and just a few short more months and he was gone.  He was the one that taught me life is short so not to take it for granted and cherish your body and your health because without it, you are nothing.  

So as much as I will run for Emma on Sunday to honour her fight, I will (as I have in every race since he passed) write his name on my right leg and pray for his strength and hopefully his humor to keep on moving. 

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  1. You will do great!!! Run this race for them, but for yourself; that will make them proud!!!