25 May 2011

guilty pleasures

ok I'm going to admit it - just lay it all out there... tonight I watched the first episode of The Bachelorette. go ahead - mock me, taunt me.... I'm not normally a reality-tv kind of girl.  Really without a TV I mainly catch up on select shows online and the only reality shows I really like are The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser... 

Now stop judging me for this indulgence and let's judge the bachelors! Seriously, there were some cuties and some who seemed genuinely nice and successful and intelligent.  However, that was balanced out with a few real douche-bags including Tim who got so drunk off his ass that he slurred his speech, spills his drink all over himself, almost gets in a brawl with the masked man, and then passed out and had to be carried out. Seriously? 

There was a Greek Josh Grobin look-a-like, a Soprano-esque butcher from New Jersey who was pretty creepy,  a surfer dude and the guy who called his mom from their date...The token Canadian guy is obviously a Newfie - said "eh" a million times and couldn't be more stereotypical and geeky to boot.  There is also one contestant Ames who I think may perhaps have missed the memo regarding his sexuality... There is also a creepy due in a black mask who is trying to make a point about it should be what is inside that counts (which I obviously agree with) but seriously dude you are trying to win a girl's heart - and competing with some pretty hunky guys.  I don't know about Ashley but that freaks me out and I'm not sure I'd like to date the Phantom of the Opera.  There were a few people who looked like they were wearing a suit for the first time in their lives.  A few odd poets... A few weirdos that literally picked her up and swung her around - like what are you Tarzan? That is the first impression you chose? Really? 

So here's who I'm vying for:
Ben F the wine maker that reminds me slightly of Dax Sheppard
JP the cute baldie from NYC 
Ryan (who got the first impression rose)
William, salesman/impressionist 

I did think that she made a wrong choice with Jon from Vancouver, WA...but then he cried.  Not that I have anything against men who show their emotions but I would have equally mocked any of the girls on the Bachelor who cried after the first night.  Really? You fell in love in an evening? Come on! 

Anyone else out there willing to admit they watched?? lol Come on - tell me who you like? After watching this and numbing my brain for a good 90 minutes, the first thing that pops into my head is - God I'm not looking forward to dating again!! 

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