23 May 2011

queen victoria and princess layla

In celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday we Canadians ring in the first long weekend of the summer.  Cottages opened, boats put in the water, gardens planted and finally it's the first taste of summer weather - complete with a thunderstorm.  I did not have any big plans for the weekend - for those of you who sat by campfires and played in the water I am, most definitely, jealous.  

El Salvadorian Papusas = Happy Lindsay
Friday night included a trip to Canadian Tire with my sis to buy new vacuums (the weekend plans included cleaning), Saturday evening I did enjoy a Mexican/El Salvadorian feast of carnitas tacos, shrimp ceviche tostadas and bean/cheese papusas with all the trimmings.  It was delightful! Made up for the awful run I had earlier in the day - fyi my calves still hate me.  

So since the weather is finally beautiful and since I did not really feel like doing much of anything, my friend Karen came over to porch dwell with me, chat and watch the fireworks everyone was shooting off in their yards.  We had an interesting conversation about our varied point of views on a.  taking the road less travelled with high highs and potentially low lows vs b. taking the path that is safer where you may have as many great experiences but your heart will get hurt less.  Then, knowing how much I love to make lists, Karen asked me "if you had to describe yourself in 3 adjectives (and only three), what would they be?" Hmmm....limited to only three descriptive words and off the top of my head no less, here is what I came up with: 1. Optimistic 2. Creative and 3. Thoughtful. Thinking of it since then there are a few others I could use but I'll stick to those three as they do describe me pretty well.  And so I turn the question outwards - Using only 3 adjectives, how would you best describe yourself?

Sunday I cleaned, laundered, painted, moved furniture, ironed and proved that though my marriage ended, my domesticity remains intact.  Then BBQ at my parents and searching for Italian villas to rent for our first family vacation in years - coming this September! Monday was a pretty lazy day including a few more domestic acts and then lunch with the girls.  La was in town from New Jersey with the newest lady in the bunch - Princess Layla whom we all got to meet, cuddle and coo at incessantly for the first time.  I have been lucky to know these ladies since we were 14 - yes we have been friends for the past 20 years and some even longer. There are a few new pregnancies in the bunch, some career changes, some life changes but as always great to catch up. It was the perfect ending to the weekend.  

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  1. Sounds like you have had a good time in several ways. I thought about the three adjective thing, and here are mine: Positive, Unselfish and Kind. Those are 3 of my good attributes. I could quickly come up with a few less flattering as well, but we are trying to be positive, right??