12 May 2011

self help

At the finish line - smiling through tears
So, trying not to run this week has been proving a challenge - the weather is perfect and I feel good but I know I need to give my hips and knees a slight break.  I have a pilates reformer session and then I think the weekend there will be a few short runs.  

I was reading an article on the quest to attain a Boston Qualifier time and there was a quote that stood out... "Self-help is the quest to control what we can control in a world that seems out of control".  It's interesting because I think that is what running did provide me with these past few newly single months.  As my life was spinning around me, it was the one thing I had complete control over and attaining that goal was something that was just my doing.  

Here is a lovely horrific photo of Fran, myself and Kelly at the finish.  Note we looked a whole lot prettier in our start line photo lol! However you do need a photo with your medal so here it is...the best of the worst.  This is about 1/2 an hour post race so at least by now I've stopped crying and sweating - steve's name is barely visible there on my right leg.  

Thank you to Kelly for signing up for this marathon and convincing me to train for a race with you.  It was exactly what I needed and got me through what probably could have been a few crappy months.  Rain days, allergies and hip pain aside, training was overall pretty good and yes,  I have already started to put together my training schedule for Detroit which will start end of June.  For now, I'll just keep running, dancing and having fun!   

It's funny that I write thinking that most likely no one is reading this and then I get a few emails or notes from people.  A few have said that I've inspired them - I've never dreamt to be an inspiration to others but thank you and I'm happy to be.  Try as I might I usually find something to smile about each day and I hope that you do too.  And if by chance, you smile cuz you're laughing at with me, then all the better! Just be your best you... and love your life and the people in it.  


  1. well I read your every post, and it's such a neat way to catch a moment in your everyday life here and there! You write in a fun and lighthearted, positive way, but there's still some meat for the bones too!! One Q sis, where's your skirt??? You are not wearing a skirt on the medal picture, and if I recall correctly, you have claimed to always run in a skirt!! Did you lose the "Tutu" along the track??? Hey! Next time run in a Tutu, totally rad and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Well unfortunately all my running skirts are in my summer clothes en route to Canada. I did order a new one to wear for the race but it didn't come in time...I was very disappointed. And yes I may run in a tutu...for the Disney Princess 1/2 next winter!!

  3. Congrats!!! You did great!! The day was great- the course was incredible.