30 May 2011

sittin', sippin' and fishin'

Today is one of those days... I'm totally jealous of all my American friends celebrating Memorial Day today as it's such a beautiful day.  FINALLY! Although it would have been nice to have 4 seasons it seems we went from winter to summer in a day.  Literally I contemplated putting the heat on last week and now it's 32 degrees! I am lacing up and going for a run later that is for sure. 

I have to admit that I do miss Finland summers - right now they are down to about 3 hours of darkness and soon it will be 24 hours of daylight.  Summers there were beautiful - lakes all around, freezing but beautiful.  The one by our house was full of fish which was awesome and just steps from our door.  Windsor summer is just so humid and hot - today just makes me wish I had a friend with a boat....

There is just something so peaceful and relaxing as being in the woods and near the water.  This is all I want to do this summer - I want to find a cottage to rent on my own and just chill.  My perfect vacation includes this itinerary: wake, coffee outdoors, eat, run, swim, eat, read, write, hike, fish, eat, campfire, read, bed.  My bliss! As much as I love my family and friends I just can't stop looking forward to some time of my own. 

What could be better than boating out to the middle of a lake, sitting in the sun and fishing? Sitting on the dock with a cold drink, basking in the sun and reading a good book?  Cuddled up around a bonfire making smores and singing songs? This was my family vacation every year from 2yrs to teenage years (then the Wilderness girls began!) It was perfectWe would spend all day at the beach, go for a hike in the dunes, mom & Claudia would make gourmet camping dinners, Bob would do "black magic" around the campfire and we'd sing "who stole the cookie..." 

Bob would make us look for "wild hairdressers" on the beach or do "gorgeous" as shown in the above pic! Seriously every time I've seen a pink foam hair curler I instantly think of wild hairdressers... Iain and I would play with our dinosaurs, we'd roll down sand dunes, rawna would be in the bathroom primping with her butane curling iron, vanessa would be eating some sort of bug or mold.... They were the best vacations ever.  Though I complain I never got taken to Disneyworld, this really was my happiest place on earth.


  1. I so agree on all of the above! I might miss some real summer heat this summer (last year we had lots of it here too, but I realize that's not the norm) I will NOT miss smog days, beaches that you are not allowed to swim in, a/c running 24/7, extreme UV warning etc. Last nite me and hubby were working on the house, and I realized it started to get a bit darker in the house, the sun was hiding beautifully behind the treetops, and I figured it must be around 9 pm, I looke at the time... 10 after 10!! And not dark at all! I'm not used to all this daylight, it's awesome! Around our house it was so peaceful, just birds chirping, and with all the wildflowers here, it smelled unreal outside! Is that the lake by our house btw??? It sure looks similar! miss you sis... wish we could take a walk together in the woods... hugs.

  2. Well today's heat made me realize how much I have not missed the past few Windsor summers - it was 45 with humidity. Yuck. Yes it's the lake by our house - from down the path to Huoppola's cottage. I miss our neighbourhood and all you guys of course! Hope the house is coming along well - wish we could go for a walk in the woods too xo

  3. Man. I don't think I will ever miss THAT kind of heat! Warm yes, but that muggy sticky stuff... ugh. And it's not like you always have the option to retreat to a pool w. a cold lemonade... Yesterday we had +21C, sunny and beautiful. Warm enough to enjoy an icecream, but not so hot that the icecream melts in your hand! Those pix look so pretty! Makes me appreaciate where I'm going to live (very soon!) even more! hugs and snugs...