31 May 2011

some serious heat

Last week I was tempted to put my heat back on - it was 45 degrees Fahrenheit....

Today was 43 degrees Celsius with the humidity... are you kidding me mother nature? Seriously the thermometer read 96 degrees at one point.When it got to 85 in my house I decided that I would give in and put on the AC.  Only because poor ruby was lethargically laying around the house and I was worried that she was overheating.  

I now have to suck it up and be out for a run by 7am in order to avoid the heat.  I logged a quick few miles before ballet class when the sun was gone but it made for a not so pretty (and slightly stinky) ballerina.  Perhaps the idea to train for another 1/2 marathon through the summer wasn't the best idea.  I forgot just how HOT Windsor gets ... But all in all I'm not complaining - being hot leads to fun ways to cool off such as a dip in the pool (contemplating a kiddy pool for the yard), ice cream cones and cool lemonade.  There is always a positive to be found!! I'm happy for the sunshine, for that feel of warmth radiating off your skin and the luck of having Italian skin that tans easy! 

Now to find that friend with a boat...and a pool....and ice cream.... 

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