19 May 2011

Three Thing Thursday

1.  I don't get bothered by many things, however after a brief stop at the grocery store to pick up an avacado, feta cheese and black bean sauce, I wanted to scream  educate the man in the EXPRESS line that the 15 items in his cart was over the limit and that the girl ahead of me just buying shampoo and the rest of us with 6 items or less were express lane shoppers, not him.  In the grand scheme of things I shouldn't really let this of all things bother me, but for some reason it makes my blood boil. That and people who chew loudly, with their mouth open. That's just gross.  

2. Holiday weekend this weekend here in Canada - main goals for the weekend are to work on the store's website and get that back up and running and to finish painting my new apartment.  Monday will likely include a trip to IKEA and hopefully the purchase of a couch, bookshelves and likely some other useless items that will be cheap that I will just HAVE to have! 

3. I am currently experiencing the Runners Low - opposite to the Runners High which often occurs after a race. It's that slight let-down that it's over after many weeks of dedicated training.  I have not run since the 1/2 almost two weeks ago.  I am however still eating as though I am putting in the miles and that just has to stop! A steady diet of bbq popchips and dark chocolate peanut m&m's is not advisable.  I am going for a run today even if it is in the rain because well I need to get back at it and out of this slump.

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