02 June 2011

cause & effect

So last night an old friend (actually a friends old boyfriend) was driving through to Detroit and stopped for a quick bite to eat and visit.  Amazing that we haven't actually seen each other in 10 years so the majority of the conversation was about what was happening with mutal friends.  It went something like this:
So-and-so - married, two kids
So-and-so - married, 1 kid, one on the way
etc, etc etc 
So then we discussed the perils of online dating, his recent break-up, the demise of my marriage and then drowned ourselves in a couple of these babies:

Classic Motor Burger w/bacon & gluten-free bun
 So this morning when the sun was shining at 8:00am I decided that it was approrpiate to hit the streets for a few miles.  Running along the riverfont, it does constantly amaze me that so many people fish in that cess pool - I mean I think a lot of the fish actually have arms. Yuck.  June it's game on again - time to get a new program into effect for the Detroit 1/2 in October.  I can only hope that my trip to Italy in September doesn't completely derail my efforts being only a month out from the run... perhaps if I start carb loading then....

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