24 June 2011

My life in Rubbermaid....

"What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

‎My life, securely packed in various rubbermaid bins and boxes, arrived back in Windsor today.  Swiftly unpacked from the cube van to my living and dining rooms in about 13 minutes between three of us.  Funny it seemed like a lot more when I was packing it all up back in February but maybe that was because of all the memories I packed along with "the stuff".  I've talked about "the stuff" on here before - somewhere among this pile are summer clothes and shoes which may be the first box to be unpacked if I can find it.  There are dishes and artwork, my bike, my sewing maching, Nanna's chair, tons and tons of books.  So now that "the stuff" is here I guess I can get settled.  Good feelings, weird feelings, sad feelings - all mixed together.  It's nice to have my own comforts and things to settle in with.  It's weird that it's all here - I feel like I just did this 2 years ago...oh wait, I did.... I don't know if I'm ready to unpack everything just yet.  It's sad to think that it is now definitely over - even if I knew it before - now that all this is here there is no turning back.  Which kinda sucks but deep down I know it's right and I'm at peace with it.  Like the quotes says above - it's not what lies before us or behind us, it's what is within us that matters.  Yes the past shapes us and teaches us lessons that we use going forward and we can never know what lies before us but just move ahead in faith, knowing that we are walking the right path because within us is enough gumption to carry us through.  

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