16 June 2011


"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall" 

I keep coming back to this quote time and again.  Yesterday - not the best of days but today I am trying to find perspective and move forward and rise again.  I suppose I shouldn't look at bad days in the view of falling but I am just trying to be conscious about accepting my current situation with openness, respect and courage.  I know every day won't be easy and there will be those days, like yesterday, where I felt down and sad and defeated.  It is not the falling that we should be ashamed of, it is the ability to pick ourselves up, hold our head up high and look at each new day as a new chance to be happy that we should be proud of.  There are just some things that hurt more than others and disrespect is one of those things to me.  Unfortunately, that was how I felt yesterday.  That my feelings weren't taken into consideration and that I was not treated with the respect that I try to show to others.  I know I can't change people and I can't wish for others to have the same perspective as me and with that I woke this morning determined to see it for what it was - a new day.  A new chance to be happy and to rise again.  

I know it's up to me - my happiness is not for someone else to bestow on me but for me to search out on my own.  I can't control how others treat me but I can be respectful of myself and put myself first.  Sure yesterday I felt pretty blue but in the grand scheme of things I wasn't physically hurt, I am not fighting a life-threatening disease, I didn't hurt anyone else out of spite, and it's not something that I can't recover from.  It was just a bad day and today is a brand new day full of infinite possibility.  Plus cake batter ice cream really helps....

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