24 June 2011

Theme Song

So... those of you who have been my friend for anytime in the past few decades will likely have received a little gift that I like to call "The Master Mix".  They started off as cassettes and moved to CD's.  They were compilations of songs that spoke to me at that point in my life, songs from prom, songs that were on the radio when we were driving around like geeks at 16, songs from our weddings, songs about love and friendship, beginnings and endings.  There were the high school volumes.  Then "The Goodbye Salute" when I move away to University.  There was Master Mix "Till Death Do Us Part" celebrating marriages which lead to a 2-volume CD mix of "Push It" & "Get Your Sleep Now" honouring the births of friends children.  I usually have a 'theme-song' for each road trip or vacation and songs that bring me back to specific special moments or remind me of special people.  All of this is quite ironic because although I like to compile these mixes - rarely do I actually know anything about music.  I don't know new bands, I don't know who sings what and rarely do I actually get the title of the song correct.  And yes, much to Mary's scorn I did in fact once ask her "What is a Coldplay?" (In my defense it was before they were actually on the radio!) 

This brings me to the other day when one of my BFF's was all riled up and decided that she had found a divorce theme song for me! I love it and I love her and ironically after I pulled out of the warehouse the other day after claiming all of my belongings and packing into a cube van, that very song came on the radio.  Through all of this I realize over and over again just how blessed I am for the people that do love me, the people who have been in my life forever and who I know will always continue to be at my side.  It is a goodbye but it's also a new beginning and I tend to look at the glass as 1/2 full.  Like yet another quote I found the other day "There is nothing wrong. There is simply what is, and what you choose to make of it." This is my life - though not what I ever envisioned- and my choice is only now what I make of it and how I move forward.  So...that said, I think it's time for a new Master Mix - I'm taking suggestions for songs and a title and if you're lucky I'll make you a CD! 

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