05 June 2011

You can have your kettlecorn & eat it too....

This beautiful Sunday morning found me taking my lovely new polka dot running skirt out for a loop along Riverside Drive.  This was the skirt that I was supposed to wear in Kalamazoo that never arrived in time.  Days are now HOT here so I'm trying to be out the door by 7:30 at the latest in order to still log some serious miles and not seriously dehydrate.  That said I also try to make it out before the sun is too high to tan my lovely Italian skin.  I'm already showing signs of sock, sleeve and arm band tan lines which are not pretty and not what I want to rock this summer. 


After heading in to the store for a few hours, I was lucky to enjoy a stroll through the annual Art in the Park festival at Willestead Manor with Jeanine & my sis.  At which I purchased no art but I did load up on Kettlecorn, Roasted Soy Nuts, Jalapeno Cashews and a Pillow Sham with a giant "L" on it.  I think I made out pretty good.  So after meeting up with friends in the food & drink area, we cracked open the corn & indulged - proving that you can have your kettlecorn & eat it too.  A perfect, sunshiney Sunday! 

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