27 July 2011

3 girls & a sauna

lol well that should fetch an interesting crowd - it's funny to me when I look in my stats page to see what search terms bring people to my blog.  Surprisingly "girl running in wet t-shirt" and "Ke$ha in bikini" are two very popular ones! 

Anyways... so last night I was invited over to one of my good friends home for dinner & sauna as her parents were in visiting from Mexico.  Now those of you who know me well, know that I could literally eat Mexican fare each and every night and go to bed happy.  Honestly I think I ate Mi Casita 3 times in one week this month!!! And now here was our chance to eat everything made with love, from scratch by such a wonderful woman! 

Now in knowing that I was about to partake in a less than calorie conscious meal choice I opted to run the 4.6 miles to their house to make way for a few more tacos! Soph met me there and her, Julie and I enjoyed a lovely pre-dinner sauna.  So, there we were....three naked chicks in a sauna (enter search term!)  Sauna really is one of the things I miss most about Finland.  It was almost a religious experience there - you were always invited to people's homes to sauna, and at this time of year likely jump in the lake rather than shower! It's such a lovely time to just sit back, let the heat surround you & open all your pores and just sweat out all the impurities and worries. So we just sat there, sweat and talked about the important things in life - fashion, boys & food!! 

We sat down to then enjoy AMAZING chicken flautas and gorditas - I, the complete loser, was shocked to hear that such a thing as gorditas existed as I figured it was a term that Taco Bell had thought up!!  Maria made the bottom layer that was similar to say a dense corn tortilla or a corn tortilla-pancake, then smothered in beans, crazy-good chicken in a homemade chipotle sauce, diced avocado, cilantro, onions and hot sauce.  It was so beyond delicious I can't even tell you and as I'm typing this I'm hungry for them again! 

So it was another lovely night with friends, tacos and ice cream cake.  Blessed I tell you, I'm truly blessed.  xo 

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