24 July 2011

concsious choices

Some days it's easier than others.  Some days it's  a conscious effort.  
But day after day I choose happiness.  

I choose not to let anger consume me.  I chose to forgive and move forward and not dwell in the past but rather to look forward at what's ahead and be conscious of what and who is around me. 

No one's life is perfect even if it seems to be.  We all have trials.  We all struggle, whether it's inward or internalized.  Look past what you perceive to be perfect and be thankful.  

Hate & anger will live in your heart as long as you let them.  You will never be free of them unless you let them go.  There are things beyond our control.  We can't control what people do or say, but we do have the final say in how we react to them.  
Live simply, be happy. Just sayin'....

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