12 July 2011


There are moments where sometimes gratitude escapes me but at the end of each day I do try to find at least a few things to be grateful for, whether it be here online or in my journal.  I think it keeps me grounded and looking forward and above all else it ensures that some of my last thoughts before my head hits the pillow are positive ones. Now some days my gratitude involves others, sometimes it's things within me that I am thankful for.  It could serve us all well to try to find those moments, people, tangible items or even memories that evoke a smile within us.  Some days it's when Ruby snuggles right up next to me like a little kitty spoon, or moments on a run when I feel like my legs are strong, or gluten-free ice cream cones enjoyed on a sunlit patio (such as this evening!) 

Lately I've been really thankful for people - those who have always been in my heart and new friends who have recently found their way in.  I know I started this year with the goal to let people know just what they mean to me and now, halfway in, I pledge to try to continue that resolution through the next half and onwards.  The one saving grace in seeing my marriage fail is knowing, truly, that some people really do come in to your life for a reason.  So, though I wasn't meant to be married to T forever, I was meant to love 24 amazing nieces and nephews, 6 great siblings and their significant others, and a set of parents who (despite our initial challenges) do love me.  When I hear my mother-in-law tell me that she can't wait for the day that I find love again and have the marriage and family that I hope for, I know that I was meant to be a part of this family even if only for a decade. There are many great friends whom I would likely have never met, never loved, never cherished, had my relationship with T not existed.  And yes, perhaps there would have been others who would have come in to my life but somewhere inside me I know there is a kindred spirit that I share with these people.  

And it's not just limited to people.  I would not have moved back to Windsor, worked at other jobs where again I met amazing people who became some of my best friends, owned my own business or moved to Europe.  Experiencing these things were all great life moments that I would never be the same without so they are all the things I choose to be grateful for.  Lord knows I could be angry, I could let bad feelings fester inside me, talk crap about T to anyone who would listen but what good can come of that.  There is no moving forward or welcoming good to your life if you are consumed with anger or ill-will.  I am a better person, a stronger person, for all of this.  And for everything, I am grateful.  

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  1. "There never was a bitter person who was thankful, or a thankful person who was bitter!" One of my fave sayings. And Linds, I am happy to always have you as a part of my life! Thanks for all the goodies btw, the girls truly enjoyed them!! :) And to them I bet you'll always be "Aunty Linds"!! xoxoxo