14 August 2011

My inner Alanis and life's ironies

Life is kinda full of ironies...

Like on Friday when logging in to Facebook, there was a little note in the top right corner that said "Your status from today in 2009" which happened to read "First day in Finland = First day of shopping" reminding me that it was the 2nd anniversary of the day we moved.  Last week was also the six month mark of our official separation which means that we can officially now file for divorce.  So two years ago was the start of a whole new life and now it's the start of a whole new life.   Weird.  Poetic. Ironic. 

Jess & I headed up to visit Ana in the big smoke this weekend.  She single mom'd it last weekend when her hubbie went to Vegas for four days so it was time for a quick getaway before the school year begins and summer ends which really is just around the freakin' corner.  So here we are - two nerds about to hit the town! We arrived by train early evening, quick freshen up and then we headed out to The Keg where Ana was working for the night and hung out there on the gorgeous patio.  Ana's man T.O Double D (aka Todd) met us there, along with a few other friends and we dined on steaks and garlic mashed and closed the place down! It most certainly reminded me of many Friday nights after work finding a hustling city patio with friends and enjoying food & drinks in the summer air.  Makes me miss the city.  A lot.  Our Saturday was filled with shopping, coffees, sushi and then we gussied up again to hit The Drake hotel for a lovely dinner.  

After the most delicious meal and Salted Butterscotch Pudding for dessert (and by delicious I actually mean that if I could have stuck my head and/or my hand into this mason jar to scrape out every last morsel, I would have) we then went over to visit a friend working at The Bowery and met up with a few more pals and chatted the night away.  There really is just something that makes you feel a bit more alive being back there.  I kinda feel more like me there.  It's just that being at this crossroad I remember that the only reason I left was to come home and marry T.  The city is full of people I don't know and there is room for new adventures and fresh starts and I am not Lindsay the divorcee there - I'm just Lindsay.  Sometimes it's kinda nice to be anonymous and not have to have memories hit you in the gut everywhere you turn. But I know now isn't the time to make any more changes so it remains just a remote idea in my head.  

Now, no adventure is complete without at least one crazy character and here is ours... We took the train up so that we didn't have to worry about parking and rush hour and mainly so we could just relax and read trashy and/or fashion magazines.  It just so happened that there was a nerd  bachelor party of 7 Americans headed up to Toronto for one last hurrah.  You know they are serious when they bought the Frommers Guide to Toronto.  Pictured here is the groom (whom we affectionately referred to as the DoucheBag) showing off "his stack" which was actually 200 single dollar bills in his suit jacket, Captain America Tee, ball cap, plaid shorts and running shoes.  When they asked where they could find a place to "spend their singles" (which I have to admit likely do work a lot better than loonies for the manner in which they were intending to use them) I made up a few locales such as "Vaginarama" on Yonge Street which they then tried to find in their guide book....but since I made it up most likely they got lost along they way :) 

Anyways, as always the weekend was too short, the laughs were many, sleep was minimal because we stayed up talking until past 3am each night but well worth every second.  I guess there are always ironies and there are always new beginnings and life is good. 

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