03 August 2011

Steamy & Shrimpy

Today was yet another muggy, humid, sticky day.  Don't get my wrong, I love the heat of summer but I just don't enjoy the days where you can't even breathe the air.  And don't even get me started on the effects of this on my hair - it's not pretty - at all.  So in this steamy situation, I was craving something light and fresh and delicious.  So Shrimp Tacos with Fresh Mango salsa was the result: 
They are super easy, super delicious and a perfect summer meal.  (Really any mexican meal is the perfect summer/winter/spring/fall meal!) 

Saute some fresh ginger & red chili flakes in grapeseed oil, then toss in the shrimp (I like to chop the shrimp up before I saute).  Cook until pink and opaque in colour.  
Toss on to fresh corn tortillas with aforementioned mango salsa and fresh sliced avacado and ENJOY!

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