07 August 2011

Wedding Weekend

This past Friday - my cousin was this beautiful bride.  To say she looked stunning would be an understatement.  I remember that day and that feeling of just pure excitement and happiness all in one.  The look on Jeff's face as she made her way up the aisle was priceless.  The giant smile on her face from the altar as she looked to her family and friends warmed every heart.  It was a lovely day.  I honestly didn't know what I was going to feel like stepping in to church to attend my first post-breakup wedding but it was actually fine.  I was just so happy for them that there wasn't any part of me that was sad.  I do have some definite ideas for my next wedding and look forward to the day when I will have that great love again.  Now after watching the movie Bridesmaids, I have made Mary promise that they will re-enact a Wilson Phillips song, while dancing on water and with fireworks in the background.  

Rawna and I enjoyed being each other's dates - yes we did dance cheek to cheek at one point and I yet again led the family in The Hustle.  I don't know what it is about a fully organized, choreographed dance number but I pretty much rock it.  And there is usually a photo from family events with me leading the troops.  As you can see in this photo, my sister is sneaking back to the table because she still cannot follow the steps.  I also apparently look like my legs are a million feet long! We amused ourselves through the night with choosing winners for our categories.  (Categories are predetermined prior to arrival at the event).  Now I won't be so mean as to naming the winners on here, although I did try to get photographic evidence of most, but I'll list some to give you an idea.  Best dress - Worst body (Ie: Dress is cute just not for your body type) Worst Up-do.  Worst Footwear.  Biggest Trainwreck (ie: most overall chaos and/or drunkenness) Worst Undergarments (ie: most in need of Spanx) Most 'interesting' Couple.  Us & our new gay friend Tony had a fun time nominating people! 

Mom & Dad                  Sister, bride & me                    Cousins
So a fun time was had by all and again makes me grateful to have the family that I do.  Wishing Megan & Jeff a wonderful, happy and blessed life from now until forever. xo

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  1. Beautiful pictures! You look SO good Linds!!! xoxoxo miss yah.