16 October 2011

13.1 miles of fun!

there is something crazy special about runners, especially those who like to race.  We actually pay for the torture of running an exorbitant amount of mile, starting before the sun comes up.  

Take this morning, it's 5am - it's dark and cold outside.  The rest of the world is still asleep (except for some nursing moms and some hard core clubbers!). I am rubbing warming cream on my muscles, attempting to put contacts in my eyes, taking my vitamins and making oatmeal. 

I've had this feeling in the pit of my stomach since yesterday - it's excitement.  It happens before each race and I'm a middle of the pack runner.  Can't even imagine how it would feel for those in contention of actually winning the race.  

I've battled an injury this time around - but I decided this morning I was going to give it a try.  I didn't worry about my time.  In fact I stopped and took photos along the way. It was pretty chilly & rainy thru the race - luckily my pink knee high compression socks kept me toasty! I ended up actually getting a new PR (personal record) of 2:28 even with the stops and the gimpy leg! I'll take a few weeks off to heal now and just be nice to my body with ballet, pilates and yoga but then it's time to pick the next race!! I'm thinking Miami in January - who's with me???

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