23 October 2011

cheese + cheese with a side of cheese

"kitty litter" cheese dip
A friend of mine called asking for my cheese dip recipe a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind.  Not sure if perhaps my period is imminent however today I pretty much craved everything in the garlic and cheese variety.  This dip is not a pretty one - this picture doesn't really do justice to really how awful this dip looks.  I tried to make it prettier with rice chips and usually if I make it for a party I spread it out on a giant square platter and surround with crackers.  Affectionately, at an office where I used to work, this dip was referred to as "the kitty litter dip" because of it's colour as well as the texture.  It's the dip that people may be hesitant to try but then can't walk away from because it tastes that good.  My father-in-law will literally stand next to the plate any time I made this for church or a family gathering.   People will ask me "what's in this?" - I'm usually hesitant to say until I know that they have tried it because if you were to just hear the ingredient list, there is probably no way in hell you would dig in.  By now you are probably wondering so I won't keep you in suspense any longer... 

1 brick OLD white chedder cheese (shredded) 
1 white onion diced small 
2 sml packages chopped walnuts
couple of dashes of franks red hot sauce 
1 diced clove of garlic 
1 cup mayo 
seedless raspberry jam 

When I used to have a food processor I would blend the onion & walnuts until they were chopped so tiny and then shred the cheese.  Put all the ingredients (except for the jam) in a big bowl and mush them all together.  Let sit in the fridge for a few hours.  To plate, spread out the cheese mixture on a plate and then top with raspberry jam - serve with crackers.  Like I said, it sounds gross - but trust me you'll love it. 

So as the dip was chilling I made a modification of my healthy mac n cheese recipe. Then as I put that in to cook, I sat down with a plate of cheese dip as an appetizer and yes....then I ate a bowl of mac n cheese.  I may never go to the bathroom again...

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