01 October 2011


I openly admit I'm a Type A personality, multi-tasking, digitally connected kinda gal.  That said, leaving on vacation one of the stipulations was that we had WiFi in our villa so I wouldn't be out of reach for my store that was remaining open without me.  I was hoping to be able to blog freely through our trip, post photos, tweet, check email..... 

However once we got to our home for the week, we discovered that there was no internet access.  There were a few cafes downtown that we could go to but that also meant dragging a laptop up and down the hilly streets.  So with the comfort of knowing the store could text me with any problems, I disconnected.  No news, no email, no contact with anyone really outside of Positano.  It was weird at first but then admittedly, kind of nice.  

Now there were a few posts I had written that I will now post - they are a bit late but hopefully still relevant.  I mean it wasn't like I stopped postulating while I was on vacation, I just had no way to connect it to the outside world!! So as it very clearly turns to fall here, the temperature dip and the gloomy rain, it's the perfect time to bake, write and nest.  This is my favourite season of the year.  The colours are changing on the trees, the clothes are comfortable and homes feel cozier.  Happy Fall everyone.....

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