10 November 2011


I've started about four posts over the past week or so but I can't seem to get my thoughts right and/or organized in to a coherent message so I just keep working on them and saving for later.  I guess it's just one of those weeks - a million things on the go and the insanity of the holiday season at our feet.  

It's not like me to be at a loss for words and to be honest there is a lot that I want to say but my own thoughts seem to be a bit jumbled up.  I've been helping a girlfriend sort through some stuff and trying to help her see the brighter side.  Perhaps that is part of the writers block.  

We are in the middle of what I believe is the happiest time of the year - from Thanksgiving to New Years.  It's such a wonderful, beautiful time to be grateful for all the wonderful things in our lives.  It's a time when the colour of the sun is so bright and the crisp in the air is so fresh.  

It's just that time when miracles seem just around the corner, when even with the crisper air the Christmas lights warm you from the inside out and hope is ever present around us.  This season never ceases to amaze the heck out of me.

So since I can't seem to get my own words together, here are a few thoughts that I came upon recently.  Hope to be back with my own words soon.  

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