01 December 2011

being happy, being me

 It's hard to believe but it's been a year now since I made the move back to Canada. So much has changed in that year and yet, my perspective remains the same.  I may have had to give up on the life that I thought I was meant to lead, but I do so willingly in the hope that there is something else I am destined to do.  Someone else I am meant to love.  Another chapter of life I am meant to write. It doesn't make it unscary (if that is even a word!) and it doesn't make it easy but what worth anything in life wasn't scary or came easy? 

We aren't given many choices in life but the perspective in which we face each day is most certainly ours.  It is our opportunity to exhibit grace by remaining positive in the face of adversity.  What life is without adversity? Who could possibly move forward or grow without change, without trials or without moments of fear?  It doesn't mean that there aren't moments where we recognize heartbreak but that is also the moment we realize the passion and greatness of loving. It takes strength to see that the bump in the road is not meant to break us, but rather it is there to remind us of both the ups and the downs.  Without rain, the warmth of a cloudless sunny day would never feel as sweet.  It isn't about not dealing with sadness, but rather by being happy in spite of it. 
We have the opportunity to live gracefully, to love fully and to be positive.  It is our one life to lead.  Why not do so with a smile on your face and love in your heart.  just sayin'

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