13 January 2012

My Little Sister

As a little sister myself, I always wondered what it would be like to be the "big" sister.  The one that gives advice, tells you that you can do anything, reminds you you deserve better than the guy that you just broke up with, and goes to bat for you with mom & dad.  Our family was just R and I so I never did get that experience...well by blood anyways. 

Now I hold my family very close to my heart because I am blessed with amazing people who happen to be related to me.  I am also very lucky to have Bob & Claudia who are like a second set of parents to me, which in turn made Iain and Ness my very own little brother and little sister.  When it was Ness' formal I was the one doing her and her girlfriends's hair and makeup. We talked through break ups.  I got to see her grow from a little girl in a MASH T-shirt and Iain's old speedo asking everyone in the campground for a popsicle to a stunning beauty graduating from medical school.  We do tease her that she best elope when she decides to marry because there are just too many embarrassing childhood stories to share!

 My little sister has grown in to a beautiful woman.  She has a strength within her that I think she sometimes questions but that I can certainly shining through.  She is funny and generous and determined.  She makes me laugh with her stories and warms my heart with her "i love you's".  She is a warrior and has triumphed over challenges and heart break that I wish she didn't have to know.  Today is her birthday and I wish her every happiness in the world.  I hope that the year ahead brings new adventures as well as solace, happiness and love.  You may be far away but I always carry you in my heart.  I am so happy to be a big sister and so very proud to be yours.  xoxo 

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