06 February 2012

The race is not only to the swift....

"....but to those who keep on running." This quote has long been a favourite of mine because as much as I adore running I'm not a front of the pack runner.  I'm one along the route trying my best, giving my all and I know that because of that the race is mine.  I am a pretty determined person, especially when it comes to trying something new. I don't give up easily and I will put all my effort out in the attempt.  Life is short - too short most of the time - and busy and we are all guilty of getting caught up in the day-to-day things.  It's not easy to try something new or to take a first step but it's that feeling of uncomfortable deep in our gut that lets us know that what we are about to do is something great.  It's like that feeling of falling in love - it's scary and it could turn out messy but that pit of your stomach anticipation is what makes it worthwhile.  

This weekend I attempted to snowboard - it's been about 10 years since my last attempt which pretty much consisted of T making me stand up on the board and sending me down the hill!! I was a guest with my friend Soph and her boyfriend Hart at his father's chalet a few hours northeast of here and Hart (a certified instructor) was kind enough to spend some time with me teaching me the basics of snowboarding.  I spent the afternoon by myself on the beginner hill practicing and I have to admit how humbling it was to sit there by myself at the top of the hill, out of breath, sweating my butt off and surrounded by 6year old children who were all zooming down the hill with reckless abandon.  There I was finding it beyond difficult to just basically stand up on my board and make it a few feet downhill and wondering why I thought I could do this.  There was a moment where the thought crossed my mind that I could easily head into the lodge, grab a spot in front of the fireplace and wait for the others to finish the day.  But I don't give up that easily.  So I sat there for a few minutes - my tush slightly numb from sitting in the snow and decided to just be grateful for this chance.  To be grateful that I have a strong body to even attempt this and that I have a courageous streak within me to have the guts to try.  I fell - alot.  My butt and my knees were a bit worse for wear and my ego slightly bruised but that went away after a few moments relaxing in the hot tub, appreciating both the people and the beautiful scenery around me.  The next day, we went over a few things from the day before and then I sent them on their way to enjoy the runs while I practiced.  It took a few attempts but I got up and replayed what Hart taught me over and over in my head.  I made it 1/2 way down the hill.  The next time I made it just a bit further.  And then, after a few more goes I made it all the way down.  I stood up, I made turns, I sped up and slowed down when I needed.  I remembered to look up, to shift my weight to stay low and bent in my knees and I made it all the way down.  There I was at the bottom of the hill, unstrapping my board and walking over to magic carpet to make my way back to the top to try again and I cried a little (big surprise lol!).  I was so damn proud of myself for taking the leap - for trying again and again.  For pulling myself up after each fall and getting back on that board and for getting to the bottom of the hill.  

Life isn't without falls and not without challenges - because without them, you would never know that feeling of pride when you do pick yourself up and make it through.  To be honest (and those of you who really know me won't be surprised) I cry every time I cross the finish line of a race because I did it - because I pushed myself to my limit, dug a bit deeper and I pulled it out.  I most likely will not be a champion snowboarder anytime soon but I'm my own champion and I'm pretty darn pleased with myself.  My bruised knees and sore upper body may currently disagree but we'll be back out on the slopes as soon as we can!

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  1. Good for you Linds!! I got a bit tearyeyed reading about your attemps on that hill... thinking that life is like that, for all of us. We'll never move´forward if we don't keep getting up!! xoxo kaisa