27 June 2012

with each new day....

It seems as though days are melting in to each other as the month of June passes by in a blink.  Not sure if it's true or not but months seem to be going by faster and faster! It seems like just yesterday it was the beginning of the new year! For me, endeavoring on this new business venture of mine has of course left me working many long days, usually concluding around midnight.  There have been a few sleepless nights, a few moments of questioning my own sanity for doing this and of course a little excitement as I see it all start to come together.  Yesterday was a long day which included a few hour-long calls to help desks and even a call to the fire department. And then I received a simple text from a friend which read "take a breath. you can do this." Short and sweet and to the point - just at the moment that I needed to hear it. Today is a brand new day.  As I wake this morning, I relish in the fact that I do have a brand new day to do with as I please.  I can only hope that I will be productive and maintain a positive attitude and trudge ahead.   

Some days are harder than others to keep moving forward and I think perhaps it's those days that we need to almost succumb to the challenges and let ourselves feel overwhelmed and worried so that we may find our way out of it.  No one is happy all the time but we can strive to be so for the majority.  We can hope to be happy most of the time and thankfully have those moments of not which make us appreciate it that much more. Hopefully at the end of the trying day, we can find a few things to remain thankful for and let go of those things or people who challenge our strength. 

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