06 August 2012

Driving without a destination

Today being a holiday I made a concious decision to not work and have a day to myself.  I wanted more than anything to be away in the woods or on the water but only having one day off makes that a bit of a challenge!None the less, I cleaned house in the morning and then got in the car for the afternoon and just drove.  I had a general direction in mind (ie: near the water) but no real destination.  I wanted to be at the beach or by the water and just be by myself for the whole day.  I wanted to read and be quiet and not talk to anyone, not be on my computer and just chill.  It's been a crazy few months of work and getting this new business ready and off the ground.  There haven't been many days or nights where I haven't worked and admittedly, I'll likely do a bit of filing and my weekly deposits after I finish up this post.  But taking a few hours to just be by myself felt good.  

However while driving mindlessly through the county, what better than to stop at the local farms and buy fresh veggies to take home for dinner.  Over the past few weeks having the time to cook and post has also been few and far between so I am happy to be back in the swing of things cooking and baking and writing.  Tonight I enjoyed some organic chicken & gouda sausages from my last trip to Whole Foods accompanied by a fresh summer salad of  sweet onion, cucumbers, green beans and tomatoes from both the farm and my very own garden!! To dress the salad was a very simple mixture of grapeseed oil, white balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.  

There have been a few nights this summer where I've convinced Soph to come down and bbq for me! We grilled corn in the husks and then coated in butter and cayenne pepper and ate off the cob! Another fresh tomato (from my garden) salad with chickpeas and feta cheese and then some delicious grilled shrimp.  For the shrimp I marinated them in lemon juice, garlic, hot peppers and cilantro and then we tossed them in the bbq stir fry pan.  There is something so great about things cooked on the open flame - I just wish I wasn't petrified of doing it myself!! It's one of the best parts of being away at the cottage and although this summer those days are fewer than other years, I have to resolve to find a few days over the next few weeks to get away being either by myself or with friends to take in the moments and the deliciousness of summer.  To take more rides without a destination and just see where the road takes you.

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