21 August 2012

My Summer To Do List

Summer weeks and weekends go so quick.  I usually attempt to make a list of things I want to do over the summer months so that the time doesn't slip away without enjoying certain moments.  I've only crossed off one thing so far this summer (sidebar opening a new business was not on this list).  It is now the third week of August, I'm going to guess that not much more is getting crossed off but I'm determined to give it a valiant effort and try for a few more before summer's end! 

My List: 

- drive in movie marathon
- go to Cedar Point 
- participate in a Trail Run 
- learn to wakeboard 
- make s'mores at campfire 
- spend time at a cottage in the woods 
- read 3 books in my stack 
- train for a fall 1/2 (technically I'm registered for a fall 1/2 but I have not been great at training!) 
- have a picnic in the park 

I guess it's really all about just living the moments and there have been many this summer that haven't been on my list that I've enjoyed so I need to be a little more lenient on myself lol.  Cedar Point has been planned for October and I'm heading to a cottage for labour day so I can probably cross of the s'mores and book reading.... Now to make my list for the next few months :)

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